YouTube Tips | 9+ Advanced Tips 2021

Top 9+ Advanced Youtube Grow Tips in  2021

Today, with the help of this article, I will give you tips that will help you to grow your YouTube channel very fast.
Before sharing Advanced YouTube Tips in Hindi, I want to ask you one thing.
Are you among those who start something but give up early due to lack of success?
Or did you recently start something like Blogging but you got into YouTube because of the early success in it?
If this is so friends, then no one can help you.
You have to make a determined decision and move ahead with determination, only then you will be able to succeed.
So now let’s talk about those YouTube tips in Hindi that will help your channel grow well and will encourage you to bring a lot of views to your videos, but as I said, you have to work hard friends.

Choose a profitable topic.

“Choosing a profitable topic” because when it gets wrong initially, there is no point in moving forward and the most important thing for the success of a YouTube channel is “YouTube Channel Niche” i.e. the topic on which you will create videos.
There are countless topics available to create videos on the channel, but on which topic you will make videos, it depends on you.
You also have to keep in mind that the topic you choose should be made only on videos and not on anyone. Keep in mind that on whatever topic you are going to make videos
Competition is low on that.
More and more people like to watch those videos.
Topic should be such that it is always in some trend.
Topic is understandable to you, and if you do not understand it, then you should research and understand things and choose such a topic.

Topic be profitable.

What do I mean by Topic being profitable?  Monetization (placing ads on videos) is very important to earn from YouTube and Google Adsense is the most common means of monetization on YouTube.
Whatever ads Google Adsense shows on your channel are user targeted.
User Targeted means if your interest is in technology and you like to watch and read things on the Internet, then you will get more advertisements related to technology.
Technology is a popular topic, so we get more money on ads related to technology, only then I said that choose Niche profitable.
Please note: Friends, I have given just one example of technology but it does not mean that you ignore your interest and knowledge in the profitable Niche affair.
Choose the one that you can work on and not the one that gets more money.
Money is good in every topic, but greed is evil.

Do good research.

One of the biggest and biggest mistakes of YouTube Startup is the number two spot for not doing research.
Newbee does not understand that YouTube does not mean just waiting for money by uploading videos. For this you have to work hard.
Whenever you make a video, do this process of making video easily, do not make haste at all.
If you keep doing this, your speed will automatically increase with time.
Before making a video, you have to do a lot of good research on that video. After that every point has to be written on a paper which is necessary and speak in the video.
By doing this, you will have all the facts n figure and you will be able to explain everything well.
Also, your viewers will also feel that yes, a video of this channel is providing me complete information, so why should I go anywhere else?
While making a video, always remember that “Quality Is Always Better Than Quantity” means that making 1 good video and making 5 half incomplete wrong videos is many times better and Research will help you in all this.

Optimize the channel.

Whenever you create your YouTube channel or plan to post videos on pre-made YouTube channel, then see if your channel is fully optimized or not It is not at all like that you have started putting videos on the channel but there is no logo on your channel or you have not written the description of the channel properly.
It is very important to do all these things well and to fulfill every initial need of the channel properly.
It is just like before constructing a house, we prepare a structure of Pillars and after that make the house complete. Before uploading videos to YouTube channel
1. Give your channel a very branded and unique name.
2. Upload a Quality Logo
3. Upload a Quality Cover Photo
4. Choose Channel Country.
Fill up the About Us Page / Description of the channel.
Use the Channel Keyword Tags inside Advanced Setting.
And complete some remaining information well.

Write a good script.

Before making any video and write a script. This will ensure that you will not forget any information.
You will already know what to say so you can use nice and attractive words.
Using the points written by research, create a script so that you can focus the attention of the people in the first few seconds of the video.
By doing this, the watch time will increase on each of your videos and you will keep getting closer and closer to your Goal which is 4000 Watch Hours.
If you create a video by writing script, then you can understand the Timing of the video beforehand.
If there is any video on YouTube, if its timing is too high or too low, then the Bounce Rate starts increasing on the video i.e. people click on the video and become back.
This signals to YouTube that this video is not good and it supersedes your video.
There is also a huge advantage of writing script that with every script your words, your way of speaking gets better and believe it matters in YouTube channel.

Nice and clear voice .

Friends, if you are watching a video on YouTube and in that video you understand so much that the front band is speaking well but in the video its voice is very low or there is noise in the voice. So, will you see his video?
No no
Because you need information.
If you have done everything right, you have done research, you have written script well, you have used background music well but just your voice is not coming, then no one will watch your video.
You have to make a video in good voice with full confidence.
Only then will people like to see him.
Do not overdo editing.
I have seen a lot of Newbee that they use Editing to make Video good, which is a good thing, but in no sense, using Audio Effects and Visual Effects makes Video useless.
By doing this, your viewer can get upset and leave your video, so it will be good to do the same editing where needed.
Try to keep the video as classic as possible. For example, you can watch videos of big You Tubers like Technical Guruji and Beebom.
Keep only the essential things in the videos. Cut out the useless things. If necessary, use Text and Photos.

Add quality videos.

Video quality on YouTube is very important. You have to upload videos whose audio and video quality is good. This is a necessary thing for Search Engine Optimization.
While making videos, try to have your Mic as close to you as possible. If you make mobile distant videos and do not have a Mic, then you can use your earphones as a Mic.
Please note that if there are profanity sounds in your videos, then remove them using any audio editing software. While creating a video, keep in mind that there is no darkness in the video.
If you make videos using your mobile front camera, keep in mind that always sit facing your face in the same way from which the light is coming on you and turn the camera towards you.
This will improve your video. You will know that YouTube supports 4K videos too, but you can upload as much quality as you want.


Search Engine Optimization of SEO. If you have heard this word for the first time, then it would be better to do deep research on it.

SEO is a technique that will help you to rank your YouTube videos in YouTube Search List.
If your video will be visible at the top, then Clicks will also come more on your video and your Subscribers, Views, Watch Hours etc. will increase rapidly. SEO is a very big topic, I cannot explain it here.
For this, I will definitely write a separate post, but I will definitely tell you some ways that will make your YouTube videos SEO Friendly.
To Optimize Your Videos Search Engine
1. Keyword Research Before doing any video, do Keyword Research. This shows you the volume, Difficulty etc. of the Keyword.
As I said earlier. You have to make videos on such keywords which have good volume and low competition. If you do this then you will get good results.
2. Write the file name of the video, i.e. the name that you see in File Explorer. For example, if I have made a video “Best Smart Phones in 2020” then the name of the video should be exactly the same. It is not that you are giving the name “Video 1” “Video 2” in this way.
3. Title of Video, Title of Video. Use keywords in the title of the video. To increase the clicks on the video, keeping the title good is a very big thing.
Try to keep the title short and people will see it, then people will click on it.
4. Description of Video, here you have to explain a little bit about your Video. Like what is your video about, what are you going to tell in it and meanwhile you have to write the keywords used in the video.
5. Video’s Thumbnail, Video’s Thumbnail is the first to see. No one should read your given title, but Thumbnail definitely watches and if he feels that the video is good, he clicks on it, so always make Quality Thumbnails.
6. Tags of Video, Tags used in Video are used to categorize Video but they have a big role in SEO.
Whatever keywords you have made video on, definitely put those keywords in tags.

Do not copy.

This mistake is most popular among the mistakes that Newbee often make. Newbee picks up a good video and uploads it to their channel.
So what do they get?
Nothing, nothing.
Yes, one thing is definitely available.
It is called copyright, and as soon as it is received, that video is deleted from your channel and sometimes the channel is deleted.
Do not waste your time in copying and uploading. Create and upload your own content. Use Copyright Free Music.
You will definitely get success.

Do not spam at all.

I would like to tell friends that now YouTube does not see how many views are there on your video, instead YouTube tests the quality of your channel with the watch time of your channels and videos.

This is the reason why you do not have to focus on Spam Techniques at all.
Like there is something else in Thumbnail and there is something else in the video or the title is something else but nothing is there in the video.
All these Spam techniques will just waste your time and increase your Channel Bounce Rate, which is not good at all, as well as the people who watch the videos will tell you that they are different.
You will definitely get some views initially by clicking Click Bait, but you will never get such Subscribers who do not leave your channel with complete life.

Some more important things.

Multi Channel Network: Multi channel networks which claim that they can make Clicks rain on your YouTube, stay away from such mails and people or else the channel will not remain.
Playlist And Cards: Make your videos so that they can be made into a playlist, so that people start watching another as soon as you finish one video and use the cards at the end of YouTube Video so that your old videos are exposed as soon as Video End. And click on the Interested Viewers.
YouTube Analytics: You can use YouTube Analytics to find out what people on your channel like to see and through which keywords they are coming to your channel.
With this, you will know which other topics you should make a video and at the same time YouTube Analytics also shows you the rank of your video, which you can improve through SEO.
Collaborations: If any of your friend or colleague does You Tubing, then you collab with him and make a video and expose yourself to the people. This is a great way to increase subs.
Evergreen Videos: Evergreen Videos are videos that go on for years and people often need to watch them. If you make Evergreen Videos then you will benefit a lot.
Title Characters: For the convenience of the user, use the title with less characters and good words. Do not give a long title because YouTube cuts it.
Keyword Tools: For Keyword Planning, you can use free Keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner or Uber Suggest and if you can invest a little money then Ahref tool will be best.

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