Why you should start blogging [10 reasons ]

Having a blog has brought me , so many unique opportunities, amazing experiences and freelance gigs. I’ve met amazing people, tried new things, traveled to new places and learned new skills. I’ve put myself out in the world in ways I never would have dreamed of, and through that, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my personal values.
So, why blog?
Because it’s fun! Okay, yes, blogging is fun, but that’s probably not a good enough reason on it’s own. Everyone will have different motivations for starting a blog, but if you’ve been looking for a reason to start, I’m giving you ten.
Yup, ten legitimate reasons why you should stop waiting, and start blogging today.
If you’re on the brink of starting a new blog but haven’t pulled the trigger, read on! We promise that whatever your “why” is, blogging is totally worth it…

1. it’ll give you a creative release from your 9-5 job

This is probably the number one thing we hear when asking people why they started their blog. It’s why I started that food blog again! Knowing that you have a fun project that keeps your creative juices flowing will make you better at your 9-5 job and probably happier too!

2. you can teach people something new

I’ve learned countless things from blogs! Some of the blogs with the largest followings are the ones that are providing super helpful information that people can use in their own lives. Being an authority on a specific topic can easily make your blog grow. Maybe you’re an amazing backyard gardener or beauty maven. Whatever it is, someone is searching for that information!

3. you can share & document your experience….

As a mother of two living in the city OR your trip around the world in one year OR fill in the blank with your own experience. People love reading this type of content. It’s real, it’s personal and it’s interesting. Do you have an experience worth sharing?

4. you’ll learn to write better

When I first started blogging, I hated the writing part. I was terrible in English class throughout high school, and in college, I avoided any classes where long essays were expected of me. When I launched my blog, writing was the hardest part. I had trouble getting my ideas across in a coherent and meaningful way.
After a few years of blogging, I noticed that I didn’t hate writing as much, and now, it’s one of my favorite parts about blogging. The more I write, the easier it becomes and the better it sounds.

5. you’ll finally learn how to use that dslr camera

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved photography. I took photography in high school and told my parents I wanted to be a professional photographer. It wasn’t until I started blogging that I become fully aware of how little I knew about photography and working my camera. I read tons of articles, asked photographer friends for help and then practiced a ton. I’m still not a pro, but my pictures have come a long way since day one.

6. you can make a little extra cash

These days, it seems like everyone is starting a blog with the idea that they’ll make a lot of money. It’s not impossible, but don’t count on it happening overnight, or even in your first few years. Blogging is hard work, but even if you’re not bringing in a full-time salary, you can still make some extra cash on the side and who doesn’t want that?
For new fashion and lifestyle bloggers, ShopStyle Collective is your quickest bet to making money on affiliate links. They pay-per-click and there’s no application process, just a simple sign up! Sponsored content, ads, downloads, etc. are all great ways to make some extra cash.

7. you can get freelance gigs

Freelance gigs are just another way to make money from your blog. Maybe you’re a great writer and you start writing pieces for other publications. Or, maybe you realized you’re a great photographer—offer your photography services to businesses in your city. Pay attention to what you love and what you’re good at it. Chances are, someone needs those skills!

8. it builds confidence

I’ve found that the more I write, the more I learn about myself. And, the more I learn about myself, the more confident I’ve become in who I am. If your shy (like me) blogging can serve as a platform for sharing your opinions and ideas with people you may not have reached otherwise. It’s allowed me to find my voice and guess what? It’s empowering.

9. it’s an inexpensive hobby

Some hobbies are so expensive! I paint occasionally and the cost of canvases, paint brushes, easels, paint, palettes, etc. was a lot more than I imagined. I realized that one large canvas easily covers the cost of hosting my blog for an entire year. Not bad, right?
If you’re sold, then we have a full tutorial on how to get your site set-up on self-hosted WordPress (the only platform we recommend!) right here. Of course there are free platforms, but self-hosted WordPress is the best of the best.

10. it’s a great resume builder

Maybe you’re still in college, recently graduated or looking for a new job! If you’re trying to make your resume stand out, your blog might be the golden ticket. If your blog’s content aligns with the job your after, it should be a no-brainer!
My point? There are so many different reasons for starting a blog and your reason doesn’t have to be the same as anyone else’s.
My “why” was to stay inspired and creative, and to explore something I was passionate about.
Your reason can be any of these things or something totally different, but if you needed a little push to get started, hopefully these helped. If you’re passionate about something, stop waiting and start doing! We promise, you won’t regret it!

Tell us your “why” below!

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