#1 What is shutter speed in photography?

Lets known the shutter speed in photography

What is a camera shutter ?

Before knowing the shutter speed, we need to know what is called the camera shutter actually there is a curtain in front of the camera sensor whenever we press the shutter button that curtain riser for same time   , due to which the light inside the lens gets a chance to hit the camera sensor; due to which give us a good bright image. when the sensor collects the light in a full way , the shutter automatically comes down so that no more light comes in shutter button is called shutter button . because  it helps the shutter to go down while taking a photo , a sound that comes in your camera is actually the sound of shutter .

What is Shutter Speed?

Shutter speed in photography the second pillar of exposure tringle!

Camera shutter speed Is another important factor of exposure in photography the most important thing in photography is exposure; that is light required for photo formation and there are three factor that determine this exposure

  1. Aperture
  2. Shutter speed
  3. Iso

In this article we will learn about shutter speed, what is the shutter speed , what are its other roles in photography .

How Shutter Speed is Measured

Measuring shutter speed is very easy to do. It’s the quantity of time the camera in your camera is open, listed in a fraction of a moment. By way of instance, in case you have a shutter speed of 1000, then the camera will open for 1/1000th of a second. Generally, shutter speeds are categorized into rapid, slow and long shutter speeds.

#1 What is shutter speed in photography?
source : https://capturetheatlas.com/

Fast Shutter Speeds

A shutter speed is considered quickly when it is over 500, or available for 1/500th of a second. The objective of a shutter rate this fast is to capture movement with no coming out fuzzy.

Slow Shutter Speeds

Shutter speeds that are considered slow are ones which are slower than 1/60th of a second. It’s at these rates that an ordinary individual won’t have the ability to hold the camera still for long enough to find a decent picture. Slow shutter speeds shouldn’t be utilized without some sort of stabilization on your camera.

Remember that, generally, the shutter speed which you can use is based on the lens that you have in your camera. A 200 millimeter lens shouldn’t use anything faster than a shutter speed of 200, or 1/200th of a second.

What is Shutter Speed?

Shutter speed is your duration of period camera shutter is open, exposing light on the camera detector. This has a couple of essential effects in the way your pictures will look.

If you use a long shutter speed, you wind up exposing your detector for a substantial time period. The first huge effect of it’s motion blur. If your shutter speed is extended, moving subjects in your photograph will look blurred along the path of movement. This result can be used quite frequently in ads of cars and motorbikes, in which a feeling of speed and movement is conveyed to the viewer by intentionally blurring wheels.

Slow shutter speeds can also be utilized to picture the Milky Way or other items at night, or in dim surroundings using a tripod. Landscape photographers can intentionally use longshutterspeeds to produce a feeling of movement on waterfalls and rivers, while retaining everything else entirely sharp.

On the flip side, shutter speed may also be employed to do exactly the contrary — freeze movement. Should you use a fast shutter speed whilst shooting photos of a water, then every droplet will hang from the atmosphere totally sharp, which may not be visible to our eyes.

Each the above is accomplished simply by controlling the shutter speed. To sum up, fast shutter speeds freeze activity, while long ones make an effect of movement once you picture moving objects.

The time you allow the light to enter into the camera is desided by the SHUTTER SPEED. less amount of light will enter in the camera when shutter is opened for a short duration and large amount of light will enter into the camera when shutter is opened for a longer duration . basic unit of time is measured is shutter speed is 1 second

The amount of light enters when the shutter open for 1 second is doubled when the shutter opens 2 second for 4 second it gets doubled again, for 8 second it gets doubled again , likewise you can open the shutter up to 30 second in your camera . we call it slow shutter  speed . if you want to take picture of still subject in dark night use slow shutter speed by which you  will get beautiful pictures likewise  when you open your shutter for  a second is get half when the shutter opens for ½ second for ¼ second it gets half again likewise  1/8 ; 1/16 , you can open the shutter up to 1/4000 second also we call it fast shutter speed , you can freeze the subject in motion .

What Is the role of shutter speed In photography ?

Motion Capture :-  

There are two types of motion in photography first your camera and the subjects motion or subject motion proper shutter speed can be used to control the effects of both these motions in these photo. these two motions are captured in two ways

  • Motion freeze
  • Motion blur

a) Motion Freeze :- 

Shutter Speed In Photography
source : https://photofocus.com/

the shutter speed can be increased by motion freeze ; that is without taking a blur picture .the blur ( blurring of the photo ) caused by camera moving can be overcome by keeping a fast shutter speed of 1/600 second or more can be set a no motion blur picture of small plying bird can be freezed at 1/1200 second or more shutter speed

b) Motion blur :- 

#1 What is shutter speed in photography?
source :https://www.photoblog.com

where as motion blur effect can be found at shown shutter speed with caution . picture of the velvety effect of flowing water are taken in this way often a slow shutter speed of ½ second gives you good effect of . with the proper use of slow shutter speed . it is possible to capture the speed photographs of the star trail can be taken at ultra-slow shutter speed of 15-30 second or more at night .

speed is the important role of shutter speed in the control  of motion thoughtfully closen shutter and the skilled use of lighting or flash can give the desired photographic effects . therefore, you can create excellent artistic picture by gaining command on the use of shutter speed .

Keep in mind :-

            Changing shutter speed value not only changes the exposure , but also changes the nature of motion capture in photos .

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