What is SEO? eye-opening Where and Way we use SEO? 3 type SEO

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization or in short term SEO is simple but a lengthy process. Where you manage your website on a search engine (Google, Bing, etc) in such a way that people can easily find you there. It might be a very simple definition of the most popular topic. But let’s try to stretch it in simple but technical terms. So in SEO, the whole game revolves around google’s ranking system. This means if you want to increase your website’s visibility then you need to jump into google’s first page. So that more and more customers can access your business through your ranked website. So in this article, we are going to take you on a journey where we will explain almost every aspect of search engine optimization.

How SEO is used in digital marketing?

Now in the digital marketing domain, you work through multiple modules. Like Google ads, Facebook ads, and other social media sites. But the SEO process has a huge advantage here that helps it to stand alone. Here you do not have to pay any amount of money to search engines to promote your website or business. Hence most businesses are using SEO for their growth. Apart from this, you would be able to grab a large audience. So working on SEO is the most important part of sites’ digital marketing.

Types of SEO:

There are three types of techniques available to rank your website on the first page of google. With a proper understanding of these technics, SEO would be much easier for you. And you can easily increase your website’s visibility.

1- On-Page SEO ,

2-technical SEO,

3-off-page SEO.

So these are three main types of SEO that everyone knows before doing SEO.

On-page SEO:

In this (on-page SEO) process we generally focus on our content. This process needs clean and smooth content. It means whenever someone enters your page, your content will give them relative information with an easy explanation. Well, this is for your visitor which is most essential now some changes for the search engine or Google.

Find keywords:

Before writing your content you need to figure out what types of keywords you want to target. Then after finding that keyword you can search for some results on google. Google will suggest some other keywords as well you can use those keywords in your article for making informative content.

Heading Tag:

while writing your content you have to put your main keywords in your heading. So that visitors would not be confused after visiting your webpage for reading your article. As well as it will help google to list down your website’s niche easily.

Title Tag:

This is another useful task to accomplish to rank your website. Here you have to make an attractive and relevant title for every webpage. and you can mention your main keyword in your title.

 Meta Tag:

A most useful process for making your post interactive. Here you need to write an actionable meta tag for every webpage using your relative keywords. An attractive and relative title and meta tag will increase your CTR click-through rate.

Technical SEO:

In this technique, you need to take the help of your web developer in case you have one. But if you already are a developer then you have to work on some stuff. First, you need to need to figure out the website loading speed. Is it a standard loading speed that google recommends? If not, then fix it by reducing the sizes of the website images. Next, your website should be flexible on multiple devices. Because most of the search traffic has been on the mobiles.

So you have to be sure that your website is working well on mobiles as well.

Off-Page SEO:

This process is known as the link-building process. Here you build as possible links for your website. The off-page process helps your website to get famous on the internet. At the same, you get links from other sites as well.

Here I want to mention some off-page processes that you can use to make building links. Directory Submission, Blog Link Building, Article Submission, Competition/Hub Based Link Building, Social Bookmarking, Press Releases.

Is SEO important in 2021?

To be honest it will keep important till the end. Because this is the prize google gives us for free. And in case google changes its algorithm especially for SEO then there are several other SEO services that provide their. But Google is never going to end its services for free results. And for business purposes, it will always be important.

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