Top 5 Ways to make money on YouTube in 2021 ?

Making money online has become a trend on the internet. With the rise of social media today, you can operate any business simply from your laptop. While many people often look for so many ways to earn money online. Similarly making money on YouTube is another trend. Today in this post, we will look at the six best methods to make money on YouTube.

YouTube Partner Program

The primary method to earn money from YouTube is by allowing your videos for monetization. Whether you want to show you face or not, you have to get through the most important phase of channel monetization. It is the most vital part that you and every single new creator have to meet. The process involves getting your first 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

You can only apply for YouTube Partners Program when your channel meets this guideline.

One of the major misconception newbies have (even I had) is that you get revenue just based on how many views you get on your videos.

The reality is slightly different from what everyone believes. Let’s your videos get thousands of views, but no ones are clicking on the ad, then you will not make a significant amount of money. You tube’s belling criteria are that viewers must click on an ad or watch the full ad max 30 seconds to min 10 seconds.

Sell Products via Merchandise

Numerous products are available that you can sell to make money through your channel. It is a bit advanced method because you need to have a significant number of subscribers. When you have enough subscriber, you can open merchandise according to your brand name or in your niche. Let’s you have a motivational channel you can sell inspiration quote t-shirts.

The point is merchandise increases the value of your channel. Therefore, your brand gets high exposure.

You should also consider that it depends upon how deep bonding you have among your subscriber.

Besides by increasing your brand popularity on YouTube, your fans will build some emotional connection with you and your projects, leading to benefit to your channel.

Above we discussed you could make money by displaying ads on your video, considering that you can make $1 to 20$ in 5,000 views, on the other side selling merchandise

You could earn between 170$ to 870$ per month.

Although it sounds energetic, you have to meet eligibility criteria to open your merchandise account.

Your channel should be a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

Must have more than 10,000 subscribers

Take the help of crowdfunding.

When lack of money prevails you from getting more equipment or new facilitates,

Crowdfunding is the right way to achieve

Whether you need better cameras, better actors, or other production costs, you can speak to your audience and crowdfunding community to spread the message of funding. Many crowdfunded projects show some tempting trailer that makes people thrilled.

So, when you opt for this method, consider creating innovative videos offering your business’s new excitement.

Some of the popular crowdfund achievers are Kickstarter for Kung Fury, a short film with 80’s action movie.

Similarly, Kickstarter is one of the elegant crowdfunding sites. Similarly, Indiegogo is the next alternative of Kickstarter.

Make your Pitch video as your channel trailer, for some duration of the crowdfunding campaign. You and your channel should be focused on campaign paradigm. YouTube love to emphasis on channels, so if your pitch videos get more exposure to your campaign. It will be likely to grab furious attention.


Let your audience support you via fan funding.

Fan funding is a term which relates from crowdfunding projects, and it requires to set up fun funding to accept donations from your audience. Make sure you are contributing your message across the internet without forcing anyone to pay.

It also depends upon how well content you make and how much value you have added for your audience.

Similarly, your audience might be willing to contribute to your campaigns.

When you choose the crowdfunding method, make sure to follow some patterns.

First, always create transparency around how collected money will be spent to develop the system. Doing so will get your fan base contributed in your story, and they will obtain in the value of your content.

Second, offer tempting wages for nicer assurance. In other words, if you can make your donors feel excited about your campaign like they are getting privileged for being an allegiant supporter. Then they will feel more important, and it will reflect a positive sign in their head.

License your videos to companies

Suppose your videos get viral with mass appeal. It can be a funny clip highlighting your mistakes. You can license that video in exchange for money. TV news outlets, online news sites, and other creators might reach out to ask for the viral video to purchase. Besides, if your content luckily gets viral.

On the other hand, you can set up your total number of videos on different websites. Some of the best marketplaces, such as Juken Media, you can publish your content. It will be easier for other people to find out, and they will be more likely to purchase.

Become Affiliate Marketer with no subscriber

You can become an affiliate marketer for some specific brands, and make residuary income. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to get some cash on your pocket. Even you have couple thousands of subscribers or now subscriber at all. Still, you can run this business. First, you will choose a product from a well-known brand and start promoting that offers your video’s description.

Creature videos and link them since many companies have no issues; therefore, it is pretty doable.

Some of the popular affiliate platforms include Amazon’s Affiliate network, which gives around 10% commission on every sells.

While Click Bank offers 1% to 75% commission, depending on the type of niche you consider.

You can also contact famous brands in your niche if they are running affiliate programs. Finally, with affiliate marketing you can get your first sale pretty easily because we all love to buy from your favorite creator.

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