How to Start Your YouTube Channel in 2021 (step-by-step guide)

2021 brought a lot of people on YouTube and 2021 will bring even more. Everybody wants to be on YouTube right now. But How? What should you do on YouTube? Can you be a creator? Keep Reading!
Following is a step-by-step guide to create your YouTube channel from scratch.

How to Start Your YouTube Channel See (step-by-step guide)

1. Selecting a Proper Niche

Niche is very important. Decide what you want to do on YouTube. It could be anything. You could dance, sing or just share your experience. Do you get praised for your art skills? Create a sketchbook and shoot it. Maybe you know how to knit.
YouTube has different categories like education, entertainment, fashion, etc. Choose what you think comes naturally to you. But remember, your earnings and views and everything else depends on this; it all starts with your niche.
To become successful, you can either be the first in a field or be the best.
There’s competition in every niche and every video you think of, there would be someone who has already made it. Thus, being the best should be your target. Edit, capture and present your content in the best possible way.

2. Terms and Conditions

Before you start dreaming of the revenue you will generate from your channel, read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of YouTube. Read it all, the monetization criteria and everything else. Be sure of what you need and what you already have before you start creating content.
For example; Some people do not want to speak or use their own voice. YouTube allows the use of automated voice audios only for educational contents. If your content is not educational, then you are wasting time with ai voices in your videos.
If you are using background music, be sure to use free music. You need free, original or licensed music to use it in your video. Otherwise, YouTube will put a copyright strike on your channel.

3. Creating a Channel

•To create a channel, log in to YouTube and click on your profile picture at the top.
• Click “create a channel”. They will ask if you want to create a channel for your business or as yourself. Select the required.
• Write the name of Your Channel and create.

And done!

4. Logo And Banner

Like any other business, logo and banner (your channel art) is your brand identity. It gives you a professional look. You can make it yourself on free sites like Canva or hire a graphic designer to make one for you.
If you decide to create it yourself, then look for inspiration from people in your niche. Take help from your friends, how have some experience creating banners and logos, just don’t mess it up.

5. About Section

The About section is Also very important because sometimes, the name of the channel cannot convey it all. People want to be sure what they subscribe to. No one wants random videos in their recommendations.
It also becomes important when you go for monetizing your channel. YouTube will want to know who they are paying. So, don’t be lazy.

6. Creating Content

When you create a content, ask yourself why people would watch it. Your content should add some value to the viewer’s life, be it as entertainment or experience. That’s when they would enjoy watching your videos or even consider subscribing.
Timestamps are a unique and less known feature

7. Thumbnails

If it’s not an appealing thumbnail, people won’t click on it. There are a lot of free tools where you can create YouTube thumbnails available both on windows and android.
Thumbnail is the is first thing people notice, then the title. A bad thumbnail means your video will be ignored most often.

8. Titles and Hashtags

Title and Hashtags are what makes your videos come up at search. Use SEO tools and use the right keywords to appear in searches. Hashtags are also useful, don’t forget to use them in the right place. But remember its not Instagram, we don’t need a paragraph of tags.

9. Like Comment Share

Likes, comments and shares increase your probability of appearing in recommended videos. YouTube starts suggesting your videos to viewers. Ask the viewers to like, share and comment. It’s nothing wrong. It’s just a reminder because people often forget to like when they are engrossed.

10. Engagement

A thumbnail can bring you views, but if your content is not good, if the video is not what the thumbnail says, then people would leave half way. Your watch minutes will be very low. YouTube will think you are creating clickbait videos and stop recommending your videos. Your videos will stop coming up in searches and then be dead soon.

11. Playlist

Once you have created similar videos, create a playlist with them. As it has happened with all of us without doubt, we all get lost in the loop of auto play.
Playlists also make it easier to navigate a channel and viewers appreciate a well-organized channel.

12. Social Media

Finally, when all is done, do the obvious. Share your channel link to your social media sites.
Put it everywhere. Let people know, don’t shy away.
Join Facebook groups that support small youtubers. Observe and learn from others. Implement their tricks and strategies.
With applying the right strategies and understanding, you can scale your YouTube channel up to the right mark. In contrast, we showed you some of the best practical ways to make money on YouTube.

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