how to make money online in India ? make money online in 2021

In the current era of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the entire world is facing a financial downturn, and people are losing their jobs, it is highly important to have additional income sources. Even it is the requirement for fast cash. You should always several sources for a constant inflow of money.

Earning extra cash is not a tough task as it seems to be, especially when we are covered with innovative technology gifts all the time. The internet has created several sources of income and has people easily create thousands of dollars online.

In this post, we have come up with the top 5 ways how to make money online in India. These five methods offer a plethora of opportunities to earn huge amounts of money and are a great source of passive income. Let’s dive in-depth to each method and initiate earning huge income online by comfort and safety of your home. now i tell you

how to make money online in India ?

How to make money by blogging?

Is it correct to say that you are looking for the top ways to deal with getting? Money online that are NOT cheats? WordPress is the largest platform responsible for over 30% of websites. You can transform what you love to do in

easy money. There is no limit to how much you can earn through it. This article will share the top “illustrated” ways to earn money through WordPress blogging.

Beginning, a statement of alert: these aren’t ‘Fraudulent business models. If you are looking for a way to deal with bring in pain-free income by getting money on the web, by then, you’re in some wrong spot. 

Make an effort not to be deceived by the photographs of expensive vehicles, houses, or working from the coastline. All of them is a stunt, and you will consume your time and money paying for any courses or setting up that you buy from those people. 

Unlike other “acquire money on the web” articles, this is a finished guide on the ideal approach to get money at home truly, using adding to a blog and WordPress. 

An extensive part of these procedures requires time and money to start. Anyway, long you’re willing to contribute the effort, you’ll get the advantage. 

Before considering any of these methods, you ought to have your WordPress blog. We have a step-by-step guide on the most straightforward approach to starting your new WordPress blog for a novice.

The cycle is genuinely easy to follow whether you are 20 years or 60 years old. Regardless, in case you need help, our lord gathering can help you set up your blog in vain. 

At whatever point you have set up your blog, you are set up to follow this guide.

Monetize Your Content

how to make money online in India

Beginning, a statement of alert: these aren’t ‘Fraudulent business models. If you are looking for a way to deal with bring in pain-free income by getting money on the web, by then, you’re in some wrong spot. 

Make an effort not to be deceived by the photographs of expensive vehicles, houses, or working from the coastline. All of them is a stunt, and you will consume your time and money paying for any courses or setting up that you buy from those people. 

Unlike other “acquire money on the web” articles, this is a finished guide on the ideal approach to get money at home truly, using adding to a blog and WordPress. 

An extensive part of these procedures requires time and money to start. Anyway, long you’re willing to contribute the effort when you consider how to bring in cash publishing content to a blog, publicizing is regularly the main thing that rings a bell. 

Indeed, it is conceivable to bring in cash with advertisements on WordPress, yet there are likewise alternate ways you can adapt your blog content. Here are a couple of strategies that work: 

Make money with the use of Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money Online In India

Affiliate marketing is an online arrangements methodology that lets a thing owner addition bargains by allowing others zeroing in on a comparative group—”affiliates”— to secure a commission by endorsing the thing to others. Simultaneously, it is achievable for accomplices to acquire money on things bargains without making consequences of their own.

Affiliate marketing is considered the easiest source of monetization. It also depends upon the strength of your site. Here you prescribe an administration or product to among your connections. When someone else purchases your product, you get a commission. 

Similarly, the affiliate has various dimensions where you can get any products to promote. When you have the right tools to promote high converting offers in the right place. Then you are likely to get some leads.  

You can learn to play with different algorithms or start promoting that product at any cost. If you get the sales there, you make a commission. So there are so many platforms available according to your nation. You can connect with any organization’s member programs. 

The only thing that requires how you do the proper researching around your sites’ niche. There are so many products available if you consider you can promote any of them. However, there are so many beliefs around selling. 

Beginner affiliate marketers believe in getting their first sale, and they have to promote through social media. While others believe if your blog has enough traffic, you can convert your users via pitching them Affiliate products. 

It also depends upon your strategy on how you offer these affiliates. Finally, all you need is one high converting offers and the right audience to the specific niche.

Use Google AdSense on WordPress

How To Make Money Online In India

Google AdSense is the most potent monetization preferred by most bloggers. By showing Google, AdSense ads on your site, you can bring some couple of cash. One of the crucial elements you need is traffic. Similarly, your traffic speaks louder than your SEO tactics.

 Google is likely to trigger high-cost ads dependent on your site’s niche. AdSense allows publishers to make money from their original content. It reflects ads on your site according to your site’s visitors or categorizes. 

On the other hand, you get the money from other advertisers who want to promote their services. Advertisers run their campaigns according to different demands. That’s why the amount you make by displaying ads. It will vary. 

 The other technical factors you ought to understand is the meaning of CPC. It means you get the cost once someone else clicks on the ads. In other words “Cost per click.”

Install WordPress Advertising plugins

Google AdSense is difficult to set up, and then you can’t measure the cash you have earned. Therefore, selling an ad space on your site can be more rewarding. As compared to relying on different arbiter who takes cut of some percentages on your earning. Above, we discussed the CPC, where you get paid by clicks or some high impressions.

By utilizing one of these methods, you can charge some amount or create some gigs. Charging some amount is more painless than monitoring perspectives. In any case, selling advertisements on your site requires more work than setting Google AdSense.

You only require merely adding a list of code on your site. In the case of selling advertisement, you will have to arrange different solutions and prospects and the last dealing authoritative work.

 Above all, installing a WordPress advertisement can make the execution module easier. We always recommend installing AdSanity, and it allows you to see Google AdSense like your advertisements

Sell sponsored blog posts

Some bloggers do not prefer to showcase advertisements to their users, and they can’t even think of how to grab promotions post offers. The next thing is advertisements are not very effective because many users will get irritated or emotionally triggered.

When your users are looking at the same ads repeatedly, their eyes can’t resist looking at a focused campaign. That’s why a large number of users love ad blockers. Ad blockers block your ads and ultimately influence your acquiring potential.

To get rid of these steps, you can alter into sponsorship. A sponsorship works equally as advertising of games, TV shows, or different companies.

To start sponsoring your site are the following steps.

  • Install a new Sponsor page and highlight it on your site. It is one of the vast uses of methods or trending methods to promote sponsorship services. Doing it requires setting up a page that especially pitches everyone and letting your clients know you are ready to receive sponsored posts.
  • Install media kit

Install media kit or press kit will help your sponsor proposal to gain more reliability to everyone.

Now the third step requires pitching other bloggers with your proposal’s domain.

Get paid to write review easily

While working on your blog, your writing skills might have improved. You can earn money by simply writing review articles for bossiness. There are so many ventures looking for a particular type of review.

To put more thoughts on, you can get paid via writing a review on your site. Moreover, it requires and some practical approaches.  First, you can build a blog around writing review articles that will only propose writing review articles. Secondly, you can look for sites that are positing review gigs.

Bear in mind these tips when you apply for review writing tasks.

  • Honestly is the best medicine.
  • Write like how you would recommend that product or service to your fellows.
  • Do not say the product is wrong or fake.
  • Finally, review products only you have used in your personal life.

Make money by Flipping websites

How To Make Money Online In India

Website Flipping is considered the number one way of making money from blogging. Many successful Internet marketers use this approach to earn big cash online. The general idea of Website flipping is to offers well-established sites. Or create a high-quality site, and you can also purchase at a lower price. Afterward, you can resale that website in your ideal amount.

Host a Paid Webinar

How To Make Money Online In India

Online seminars are an extraordinary method to assemble your crowd, share your experience, and develop your business. In any case, did you know they’re likewise a keen method to bring in cash on the web? Online seminars are like online courses, yet an online course is live and frequently incorporates an inquiry and-answer area. WordPress makes it simple to have a paid online seminar. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing your website to have the online class or just to publicize your online seminar and register members, it’s urgent for your webinar achievement.

Start a Consultancy Service in Your Niche

Counseling is another way to get big online from your site. By showing your skills and achievements, you can attract your ideal customers. Consultancy requires a solution to a specific problem. So before making up your mind to start consulting, keep in mind to stand out in your competition.

You have to position yourself as a dynamic specialist or some celebrity.  Don’t worry, and it’s not a big deal in the internet world. You can create high-quality blogs that will convert your image in front of the users. Thereby consider this one statement. “Perception is the power.”

Make a WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

Outsourcing is another way to make a web-based business store on your WordPress site without taking care of stock or boat things yourself.  

With outsourcing, you make the store, deal with the site, and client care. However, an outsourcing administration will take your requests and boat them out to your clients. They’re an invisible outsider that your customers don’t consider.  

 Make a Job Marketplace site  

Not at all like an ordinary occupation postings site, has a commercial work center permitted you to bring in cash on each work posting. Fiverr and UpWork are most likely the best instances of online occupation commercial center sites.  

You can advance your commercial work center as a miniature occupation stage for individuals working in a similar specialty as your blog. To create your foundation more serious, you can choose a specific specialty.  

It will help you discover clients and experts who can’t utilize massive stages in light of an excess of unimportant rivalry.  

You can charge a little expense for work postings or when work is finished. The more effective finish of occupations will bring you more clients and specialists later on. 

Create WordPress Plugins 

Modules are what make WordPress so adaptable and unique. Modules work like applications, allowing you to expand and alter any component of your WordPress site. 

Modules come in all assortments, from fundamental code changes to complex programming applications if you have an essential handle of how WordPress functions and some necessary PHP information, you can make your WordPress module. 

As a module designer, you can circulate your modules in numerous ways. Anybody can present a free module to the module index, as long as they follow the WordPress module rules. This is an incredible method to acquire insight and construct a standing for yourself as a WordPress module engineer. 

When you’re prepared to begin selling premium modules, you could decide to sell them on a site like MOJO Marketplace or your WordPress site.  

In case you’re utilizing your current WordPress blog to sell modules, you’ll need to ensure that the module you make straightforwardly satisfies a need of your crowd. You can overview them to perceive what issues they need to tackle on their WordPress site, and afterward do a module that takes care of that issue. 

You would then be able to sell the module on your website utilizing Easy Digital Downloads. 

 Sell WordPress Themes  

You could begin making your WordPress subjects to sell on the off chance that you appreciate website composition and advancement. 

This requires both plan and specialized abilities. You need to realize how to make a gorgeous plan and code it for WordPress.

These are a few ways you can make money with WordPress. We believe this article helped give you a lot of thoughts on the best way to bring in cash internet utilizing WordPress! With difficult work and persistence, anybody can bring in cash from their WordPress site.

How to Make Money Online by Affiliate Marketing In India

How To Make Money Online In India

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best “work less be rich” schemes. It requires no skills, no investment. Often people confuse it with Network marketing, which requires some amount of initial investment. So, let’s get going and see what actually is affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

The word affiliate means to be attached to a larger body (a company or organization). Affiliate marketing is a process where affiliates earn rewards mainly as commissions, for promoting certain products, services or even the website or the company as a whole.

Nowadays, most companies have their affiliate programs. For example, Amazon, flipkart, etc. You can easily find them on their website. 

Making it easier for you, are websites like BigRock Affiliate, vCommission, etc. These sites provide you a list of affiliate links that you can use to earn, after you register on their website.

Affiliate marketing takes time to generate income, but it has potential to make you rich overnight. To achieve success with affiliate marketing, you would like to know what it’s, the way to start , and the way to earn money from the channel. Follow the Steps below to set up a successful affiliate marketing business.

Difference Between Affiliate and Network Marketing

Network marketing is indeed the fastest growing online business in India. Affiliate marketing is not far behind. 

In affiliate marketing, you earn for your work, whereas in network marketing, you earn commission for the customers you brought. You buy a product to register, then you will sell similar products to earn. Along with that, you can tell your customers to join your network and earn like you. Then every time some in your network earns, you get a commission. 

Unlike in affiliate marketing, building a good relation with your customers and network is very important in network marketing.

A few people, however, consider the network part of the affiliate marketing system. According to them, an affiliate marketing guide needs to include networks, because, in many cases, a network works as a connection between the affiliate and the merchant. You can opt to do the marketing alone or go for sites like commission junction that help you get links and payment easily with a single registration. The affiliate network then also serves as a collection of lots of products, out of which the affiliate marketer can choose which to promote.

Both affiliate marketing and network marketing are promotion-based earning, then why consider affiliate marketing?

Why Should You Consider Being an Affiliate marketer?

  1. It’s source of Passive income: Once you post your affiliate link, traffic keeps coming in. No extra work. You might even be earning while you sleep.
  2. No Skills: It requires zero skills. You don’t have to learn before you earn, which means anyone and everyone can do this.
  3. Zero Investment: You don’t need to buy anything to start promoting. Most sites do not charge registration fees too!  The only investment you will ever have to make is your time.
  4. No Shipment and Storage: You don’t have to manufacture, store or ship your products. There’s no problem of maintenance and storage space.
  5. No Customer Service Required: These are not your products and thus, you won’t have to provide any customer service.

How Do You Earn?

Affiliate programs are different for different companies and organizations. Some of the various ways that people are paid is listed below. Before registering to a plan and devoting your time promoting a product, make sure you read their terms and conditions.

  1. Pay Per Click: You earn every time someone clicks your link.
  2. Pay Per Sale: You will be paid once a customer you brought purchases a product or service after following your link.
  3. Pay Per Lead: Once a customer, who used your affiliate link, signs up to the website, you will earn a commission. 

The competition is high. There are many people joining affiliate programs. People begin, but leave midway. Like in every other thing, consistency is the key. Affiliate marketing has a lot of potential to generate steady income. Follow the right strategies and be consistent. It can take some time before you start earning, but be patient, because, “There is no short-cut to success.”

How It Works

Now let’s see how a successful affiliate marketing system works.

The Merchant: The merchant variously known as the creator, vendor, brand, retailer, or seller. They are the ones that make the merchandise. It is often an enormous company, like Google or can even be a new startup.

Starting from startups to massive companies like Amazon and Google, anyone might be the merchant behind an affiliate marketing program. A merchant can be anyone who has a product to sell.

The Affiliate: They are also known as the publisher. Single individuals as well as entire companies can be affiliates. An affiliate marketing business can produce a couple of hundred dollars in commissions monthly or nothing at all. The work of an affiliate is to promote products or services and try to convince potential customers of the worth of the product in a way that they really find themselves buying it.

This can be achieved by running a review blog that talks about the products you want to promote. 

It could even be a whole site that’s dedicated to finding cool products associated with certain topics and promoting those affiliate products.

The Consumer: The customer or consumer makes the affiliate system possible. Without some buying, there won’t be any profit or commissions to enjoy let alone share.

Steps to Follow

  1. Choose a Good Plan: Read the agreement. Don’t waste your time and energy on plans that don’t pay well. For example, digital products, like audiobooks, have high commission rates of up to 5-%.
  2.  Reliability: Promote something you believe in. If it’s a bad product and people buy it because of you, they won’t hesitate blaming you. 
  3. Choose the Right Product: If you already have an audience, maybe on YouTube, or twitter or anywhere else. Maybe you have an art page on Instagram. You can monetize your audience by choosing the right product.
  4. Give Them Proof: Tell people why they should buy what you are selling
  5. Demand in Market: Try to promote a product which is in demand. This will make things easier for you. Use necessary tools to know about trends.
  6. Focus on Clicks over Quantity: Choose a product that can sell, even if they are paying less than other products. If it’s easy to sell, people would click your link, and you’ll be making money in no time.
  7. Be Updated: This is necessary because of the increasing competitive nature in affiliate marketing. New products, platforms and strategies; don’t miss out on any information you can get.
  8. Using various sources of traffic to promote service: Another common mistake affiliate marketer makes is that they are running ads just only on their own sites. There are so many other sources of traffic that you can use. Your chances of making money online increases with the increase of traffic.

How To Get More Traffic?

  1. Social Media Marketing:  Social Media platforms are a very good place to advertise. You can create custom posts, or put the link on Instagram your story. Tell people why you think she should try what you are promoting.
  2. Blogs and Groups: If you have a blog that gets regular traffic, there’s no better place to put your link than that. Social media groups are also a great place to share your link to a large audience.
  3. Paid Ads: Facebook, Instagram and other such sites have paid ads that you can use to get more traffic. Create a catchy ad that people would want to know more about, that people can’t ignore and scroll away.Another way of advertising is paying influencers in the same niche. If you are promoting audiobooks, then find an instagram book page with a lot of followers.You might need to pay them a bit to advertise your product and link to their audience. 
  4. Reviewing Products: Start reviewing products you are promoting, be it in your YouTube channel or blog or social media account. It is important to create different accounts for reviewing different niches. When people read, they remember. That’s how advertisements work.
  5. Email Marketing: Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you are promoting a keyword research tool. Think, who needs it. Search anything on google and go to the bottom. Go to the 4th or 5th page on google and open any website. They need SEO and Keyword research. On their contact information page, you will find their email. Email them your affiliate link and tell them how it can help them rank their page on google.Email marketing is a large concept. You can watch a few videos on it to understand it better. Learn about creating an outline message, list the recipients and more.
  6. Webinars: When you provide live webinars demonstrating the use of your product, people will trust you. Tell them how your product can add value to their lives. There will be no confusion , no doubt.
  7. Observe and Learn: Follow successful people in the field of affiliate marketing. Learn from YouTube. Boost your knowledge and stay updated. Observe what other people are doing to get clicks. Try to implement their strategy.

Popular Websites That Provide Affiliate Programs

Let’s take a look at some popular websites that you use daily that provide affiliate programs too and find you how you can benefit from them.

  1. Amazon: Amazon has a lot of affiliate programs, starting from audio books to anything that sells on amazon. It’s an established company, and trustworthy. However, to become an Amazon Associate, you need to have an active website, blog, app, or YouTube channel that gets good traffic .It will be even better if you’ve legit content on the site, so it appears active and authentic to both users and Amazon.
  2. Flipkart: Flipkart has various affiliate programs and is one of the first companies in India to start affiliate marketing. Just search on google, ” flipkart affiliate program” and you get it. You can earn up to 12% every time a user clicks on the banner/link and makes a purchase on Flipkart.
  3. PayPal: You can earn a maximum of $100.Your referee must use your link to sign up and receive international payments of at least US $100* within 45 days of signing up. When you invite friends, and PayPal gets a customer. When that customer receives a payment, PayPal charges (4 – 2)% of the amount. From that you get a commission.
  4. Google Pay: You earn rewards for inviting friends. That’s affiliate. Guess, you’ve been doing that already.

How to make money online by freelancing

How To Make Money Online In India

1. Choose a niche of your interest

Be specifically related to the niche you want to work on and the type of clients you want to work with. Get into your field, derive the full knowledge about the area you want to work with, and improve your work, which will help you get the specific clients.

 2.  Be focused on the services offered

Focus on what services you need to offer to the client. Be clear about your do’s and don’ts and communicate clearly to the clients.

It is crucial because this will help you get reasonable clients who will help you improve your work area further.

3. Type of client’s to be engaged

Before you start scanning for the potential client’s be particular about what type of client’s you want to work with or what type of projects you want to engage with, whether its tiny project or a big project.

 What sort of client’s or demography you are looking for and whether or not you will consider a project which may not afford you?

4. Have your website

Create or get your website which displays your work and the past projects you have done for your clients. Your website should display yourself and your work creatively and effectively.

 It is crucial get the attention of the clients. Who wants to work with you and are looking for a sample of your work done in the past. It will also help them finalize you as they have an idea about your work.

5. Be reasonable and practical.

Though freelancing is an excellent idea but don’t be impractical to leave your day job to start freelancing initially, be reasonable and, keep your day job intact with your freelancing.

Freelancing can take time, find clients, convince them, get business out of them, create the website, and post your work on it may also take in a certain amount of time. All these things should be kept in mind, and the day job should not be left.

 Ensure that you are earning about 60-70% of your usual income before deciding to leave your day job and focus on freelancing completely.

 It otherwise benefits because you will learn the value of time for your own business and learn how to keep tabs for all your projects that will be pouring in the future.

 6. Work on yourself

The more you work on yourself, the more business you will get. It sums up to the more you work on your skills, the more you can expect from your client, be the monetary value or the quality of the projects provided by the clients.

 Try to be different in your skills; this will also differentiate you from the crowd of freelancers working in the same field as you are. The more trained you are, the more the client will be willing to give you.

 But to improve your skills, it is not necessary that you have to spend a lot take time off your work and then improve your skill you can take courses better available online or small diploma courses which helps you improve yourself and your skill.

 7. Increase your visibility

There are many ways in which you can increase your visibility. You can create good content, collab with influencers, or start engaging with notable people in your field. The More you engage with people and improve your visibility, the more you will get noticed, and people or clients will note you.

8. How Much to charge

You have to decide how much you have to charge from the clients for the projects you are willing to do. Ensure that you are charging them enough that you can easily make your living and don’t compromise on your living and expenses. The people will be willing to pay you higher if they see your potential.

Ensure that you are charging a good amount from your clients and maintaining the quality of work you have been providing to them. In this way, they will not have any problem providing what you’re demanding if you provide what they are demanding of you.

 9. Use Connections

Make sure that you utilize your Connections very well. It can be your previous clients, co-workers, or friends. These Connections will be beneficial for you and the growth of your business. In addition to cold calling, clients make sure that you use every connection and try getting a reference for yourself.

You can check the company’s background and go to link the in or Facebook or Twitter to see if there is any mutual connection for you to start the talk with.

If you have any connections, make sure that you reach out to them and ask them to introduce you.

10. Perfect the art of selling

Perfect your selling pitch, which you will use on the client, which will help you before the clients get the project. To perfect your pitch, make sure that you know all the details about the work to be done, the company and its previous projects, and what they expect from their paid employee or workers.

 Money should be last on your list; you should make sure that you first impress them with your recommendations and work quality.

11. Be constant

Ensure that you are consistent and regular in your blogging on your website. It will ensure that you attract the clients as they consistently see your work.

In starting, make sure that you are posting 2-3 posts within a month, which should be written keeping your clients in mind and not for the people of your field.

12. Offer robust services

If you learned to sell your services specifically, you won the freelancing business’s initial game. The other benefits you will get if you do your business to solve specific problems. In other words, if you have decided on a niche or not yet decided.  In both cases, you have to find a specific problem, and you can provide a solution on behalf of that problem.

When you sell your services in one specific niche, you are likely to move upwards in competition. With this in mind, you can create your portfolio around one thing you are passionate about. If you want to become a highly paid Android developer, you should not chase WordPress customization or content writing projects. If you work outside of your niche, it might help you in the short term, but it will not add any significant value to your portfolio.

13. Build Your Value

In the world of freelancing, if you don’t focus on building your brand or credibility, you are one step back in the freelancing game.

There are so many ways to promote your work on the internet.

Write an eBook around your niche. Let’s you love writing, and you want to promote yourself in the freelance writing industry. Writing your new ebook will not only help to reach more readers, but you will also gain credibility.

You can create high-quality blog content and collaborate with famous influencers in your area.

You can launch your online course and promote them on different social media platforms. It will dramatically help you get more visibility. Ultimately you are on your way to achieving mastery.

Afterward, you can add your accomplishments to your portfolio; by adding your outstanding achievements, you create a winner attitude in your client’s mind.

14. Set your price consciously

Pricing is one of the most significant factors that will determine how successful you will become. While deciding how much you should charge for one single project. You ought to make sure that you are offering good service.

When your service speaks louder than your claims, clients are happy to meet your needs. On the other hand, make sure you also charge enough money to survive. Clients will love to pay if you treat your service with more respect,

by the time you will have more abundance of experience. You can further charge more as your clients and testimonials increase. Keep in mind that you always do more than you get paid. It sounds pretty basic, though when you over deliver and make your client happy, you can increase the price.

15. Learn how to pitch effectively

When you learn how to pitch your service directly in your client’s dashboard, you will achieve tremendous victories. It is challenging for newbies to start pitching and converting orders. Landing clients is not everything besides how you select your job and where you stand in your value propositions.

Above all, how much research you have done. You can win new gigs by putting more energy and time into researching the industry. Also, determining their values and providing more great solutions is an excellent recommendation.

Bear in mind that your business’s success directly depends on your clients’ strong partnership if you are still thinking about how you will learn pitching skills. Thereby you can check various pitching materials online. One of the other things that help pitch is how well you can write emails. Finally, add some more skills to yourself and learn the art of effective communication. It will make your work more comfortable, and you will have a fruitful career.

16. Attract Client through guest pose

Once you have created a dynamic portfolio and highlight your work on the popular site, your work will communicate with various readers. Especially in content marketing, if your one article is published on a big, credible site.

You can increase your online visibility. Similarly, one of the best ways to build more online visibility is by getting content to submit on top blogs and publications. Neil Patel and other marketing gurus have claimed they have acquired new contracts by sharing guest posts.

You may be scaling your business at a small level, so do not underestimate the frequent guest post benefits.  Make a habit of contacting other bloggers or searching on Google “top blogs for guest post in your niche.”

It might sound unfamiliar, but it’s worth it when your posts are published in a hundred different icons. Most importantly, you will receive enormous traffic to your website as well. That will further help you scale and prospect your business to the next level.

17. Polish your skills

No matter if you want to make money online or start freelancing. Especially in the freelance business, the best way to showcase your higher rates is your impressive skills. If you have trending skills, you can likely attract more popularity in our niche.

With your skills, you can build the type of projects as a sample to show that you worth considering. The skills can be anything like WordPress Websites, our Copywriting services. Although the more you show your different project skills, the better you will likely attract potential customers.

You don’t have to head back to your college to learn skills. Taking online classes on Skillshare or Udemy, you will get on the right way to your success. Studying online requires commitment and firm decision. Most people join courses, and they never even open them.

So, keep in mind that you complete your course.  In addition, you can start learning any skills online. There are some sites offering money back guaranty so you have no excuse for procrastination.

18. Get Familiar with different Freelancing sites

There are sites like Fiverr and Upwork, where you should create your portfolio. Keep in mind that the more you create portfolios in different sites, the better you will encounter your first sale.

Many genuine freelancers have claimed that it takes a lot of hard work to get the first sale.

One of the best things you can do is to learn cold-email strategies. It helps attract your ideal gig.

Freelancing is a practical business model that every newbie must consider. By providing excellent service and building great credibility, you can attract many beautiful things to your business.

Besides, you can learn to master the closing deal’s art and effective business communication.

Make sure you gain the right experience to work with top clients. Finally, keep in mind that learning is not creating business; execution is mandatory to make money online with freelancing.

How to make money on YouTube

Making money online has become a trend on the internet. With the rise of social media today, you can operate any business simply from your laptop. While many people often look for so many ways to earn money online. Similarly making money on YouTube is another trend. Today in this post, we will look at the six best methods to make money on YouTube.

YouTube Partner Program

The primary method to earn money from YouTube is by allowing your videos for monetization. Whether you want to show you face or not, you have to get through the most important phase of channel monetization. It is the most vital part that you and every single new creator have to meet. The process involves getting your first 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

You can only apply for YouTube Partners Program when your channel meets this guideline.

One of the major misconception newbies have (even I had) is that you get revenue just based on how many views you get on your videos.

The reality is slightly different from what everyone believes. Let’s your videos get thousands of views, but no ones are clicking on the ad, then you will not make a significant amount of money. You tube’s belling criteria are that viewers must click on an ad or watch the full ad max 30 seconds to min 10 seconds.

Sell Products via Merchandise

Numerous products are available that you can sell to make money through your channel. It is a bit advanced method because you need to have a significant number of subscribers. When you have enough subscriber, you can open merchandise according to your brand name or in your niche. Let’s you have a motivational channel you can sell inspiration quote t-shirts.

The point is merchandise increases the value of your channel. Therefore, your brand gets high exposure.

You should also consider that it depends upon how deep bonding you have among your subscriber.

Besides by increasing your brand popularity on YouTube, your fans will build some emotional connection with you and your projects, leading to benefit to your channel.

Above we discussed you could make money by displaying ads on your video, considering that you can make $1 to 20$ in 5,000 views, on the other side selling merchandise

You could earn between 170$ to 870$ per month.

Although it sounds energetic, you have to meet eligibility criteria to open your merchandise account.

Your channel should be a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

Must have more than 10,000 subscribers

Take the help of crowdfunding.

When lack of money prevails you from getting more equipment or new facilitates,

Crowdfunding is the right way to achieve

Whether you need better cameras, better actors, or other production costs, you can speak to your audience and crowdfunding community to spread the message of funding. Many crowdfunded projects show some tempting trailer that makes people thrilled.

So, when you opt for this method, consider creating innovative videos offering your business’s new excitement.

Some of the popular crowdfund achievers are Kickstarter for Kung Fury, a short film with 80’s action movie.

Similarly, Kickstarter is one of the elegant crowdfunding sites. Similarly, Indiegogo is the next alternative of Kickstarter. 

Make your Pitch video as your channel trailer, for some duration of the crowdfunding campaign. You and your channel should be focused on campaign paradigm. YouTube love to emphasis on channels, so if your pitch videos get more exposure to your campaign. It will be likely to grab furious attention.

Let your audience support you via fan funding. 

Fan funding is a term which relates from crowdfunding projects, and it requires to set up fun funding to accept donations from your audience. Make sure you are contributing your message across the internet without forcing anyone to pay.

It also depends upon how well content you make and how much value you have added for your audience.

Similarly, your audience might be willing to contribute to your campaigns.

When you choose the crowdfunding method, make sure to follow some patterns. 

First, always create transparency around how collected money will be spent to develop the system. Doing so will get your fan base contributed in your story, and they will obtain in the value of your content.

Second, offer tempting wages for nicer assurance. In other words, if you can make your donors feel excited about your campaign like they are getting privileged for being an allegiant supporter. Then they will feel more important, and it will reflect a positive sign in their head.

License your videos to companies

 Suppose your videos get viral with mass appeal. It can be a funny clip highlighting your mistakes. You can license that video in exchange for money. TV news outlets, online news sites, and other creators might reach out to ask for the viral video to purchase. Besides, if your content luckily gets viral.

On the other hand, you can set up your total number of videos on different websites. Some of the best marketplaces, such as Juken Media, you can publish your content. It will be easier for other people to find out, and they will be more likely to purchase.

Become Affiliate Marketer with no subscriber

You can become an affiliate marketer for some specific brands, and make residuary income. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to get some cash on your pocket. Even you have couple thousands of subscribers or now subscriber at all. Still, you can run this business. First, you will choose a product from a well-known brand and start promoting that offers your video’s description. 

Creature videos and link them since many companies have no issues; therefore, it is pretty doable. 

Some of the popular affiliate platforms include Amazon’s Affiliate network, which gives around 10% commission on every sells.

While Click Bank offers 1% to 75% commission, depending on the type of niche you consider. 

You can also contact famous brands in your niche if they are running affiliate programs. Finally, with affiliate marketing you can get your first sale pretty easily because we all love to buy from your favorite creator.

How to Start Your YouTube Channel

2020 brought a lot of people on YouTube and 2021 will bring even more. Everybody wants to be on YouTube right now. But How? What should you do on YouTube? Can you be a creator? Keep Reading!

Following is a step-by-step guide to create your YouTube channel from scratch.

  1. Selecting a Proper Niche

Niche is very important. Decide what you want to do on YouTube. It could be anything. You could dance, sing or just share your experience. Do you get praised for your art skills? Create a sketchbook and shoot it. Maybe you know how to knit. 

YouTube has different categories like education, entertainment, fashion, etc. Choose what you think comes naturally to you. But remember, your earnings and views and everything else depends on this; it all starts with your niche. 

To become successful, you can either be the first in a field or be the best. 

There’s competition in every niche and every video you think of, there would be someone who has already made it. Thus, being the best should be your target. Edit, capture and present your content in the best possible way.

  • Terms and Conditions

Before you start dreaming of the revenue you will generate from your channel, read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of YouTube. Read it all, the monetization criteria and everything else. Be sure of what you need and what you already have before you start creating content.

For example; Some people do not want to speak or use their own voice. YouTube allows the use of automated voice audios only for educational contents. If your content is not educational, then you are wasting time with ai voices in your videos. 

If you are using background music, be sure to use free music. You need free, original or licensed music to use it in your video. Otherwise, YouTube will put a copyright strike on your channel.

  • Creating a Channel
  • To create a channel, log in to YouTube and click on your profile picture at the top.
  • Click “create a channel”. They will ask if you want to create a channel for your business or as yourself. Select the required.
  • Write the name of Your Channel and create.

And done!

  • Logo And Banner

Like any other business, logo and banner (your channel art) is your brand identity. It gives you a professional look. You can make it yourself on free sites like Canva or hire a graphic designer to make one for you. 

If you decide to create it yourself, then look for inspiration from people in your niche. Take help from your friends, how have some experience creating banners and logos, just don’t mess it up. 

  • About Section

The About section is Also very important because sometimes, the name of the channel cannot convey it all. People want to be sure what they subscribe to. No one wants random videos in their recommendations. 

It also becomes important when you go for monetizing your channel. YouTube will want to know who they are paying. So, don’t be lazy.

  • Creating Content

When you create a content, ask yourself why people would watch it. Your content should add some value to the viewer’s life, be it as entertainment or experience. That’s when they would enjoy watching your videos or even consider subscribing.

Timestamps are a unique and less known feature

  • Thumbnails

If it’s not an appealing thumbnail, people won’t click on it. There are a lot of free tools where you can create YouTube thumbnails available both on windows and android.

Thumbnail is the is first thing people notice, then the title. A bad thumbnail means your video will be ignored most often.

  • Titles and Hashtags

Title and Hashtags are what makes your videos come up at search. Use SEO tools and use the right keywords to appear in searches. Hashtags are also useful, don’t forget to use them in the right place. But remember its not Instagram, we don’t need a paragraph of tags.

  • Like Comment Share

Likes, comments and shares increase your probability of appearing in recommended videos. YouTube starts suggesting your videos to viewers.Ask the viewers to like, share and comment. It’s nothing wrong. It’s just a reminder because people often forget to like when they are engrossed.

  1. Engagement

A thumbnail can bring you views, but if your content is not good, if the video is not what the thumbnail says, then people would leave half way. Your watch minutes will be very low. YouTube will think you are creating clickbait videos and stop recommending your videos. Your videos will stop coming up in searches and then be dead soon.

  1. Playlist

Once you have created similar videos, create a playlist with them. As it has happened with all of us without doubt, we all get lost in the loop of auto play.

Playlists also make it easier to navigate a channel and viewers appreciate a well-organized channel.

  1. Social Media

Finally, when all is done, do the obvious. Share your channel link to your social media sites. 

Put it everywhere. Let people know, don’t shy away.

Join Facebook groups that support small youtubers. Observe and learn from others. Implement their tricks and strategies.

With applying the right strategies and understanding, you can scale your YouTube channel up to the right mark. In contrast, we showed you some of the best practical ways to make money on YouTube. 

How to earn as a Graphic designer

Looking at clients brief and realizing how dull and boring it’s going to be to put up with an idea like that but you have to put your creativity aside and have to accept what client is saying.

But a creative person cannot always follow directions and instructions from someone else it does not leave the persons creativity to have a space of its own and experimenting does not happen which is not good for the persons growth and for his/her skills.

But don’t worry as in today’s time it is not necessary to follow somebody’s guidelines and their instructions. In fact, you can explore many opportunities and work on them the way you want to work on them using your skills and creative aspects.

Here you will find 20 ways to use your skills for the work you will love to do and also earn from it full-time or part-time:

Comics and graphic novels

How To Make Money Online In India

Heard about comics, we all have read hundreds of them in our childhood and even some of them impress us as an adult also. Last month 1194 comics and 391 graphic novels were published. This makes us sure that people are ready to purchase these books and comics and are interested to see the creativity of this art.

But releasing a comic or graphic novel may also welcome some problems faced commonly by the publishers-cost of store, shipping to be paid by customers if ordered online by them or the cost of printing and keep their stock pile.

But the solution to it is Selling digital comics online, it will allow you to showcase your creativity and also not limitations have to be faced by you.

Printable coloring book

How To Make Money Online In India

This may sound weird to you but you can design coloring books and fully showcase your creativity and your designing skills.

In 2015 over 12 million coloring books were sold, with some sellers earning up to $329,000 that year. While some may argue that it is now replaced, Forbes argues with that.

People-adult and children both enjoy coloring and take it as a hobby but they always don’t purchase from traditional publishers and can purchase from small self-publishers. It is known that 60% of the books are sold by indie self-publisher.

New makers of the coloring books can easily make it in the market as there is no monopoly or big market players in this market. This can be the perfect product that designers can design according to their skills and sell it to people.

Web elements and icons

How To Make Money Online In India

To stand out from the crowd of business owners and websites today many organizations show their work through web icons and custom illustrations that helps them to be differentiated by their competitors.

One of the trendiest web designs today is custom illustrations. This is becoming more and more popular in today’s world and will be very beneficial and demanding in near future. Because of its active importance a graphic designer can earn quite a good amount.

  • Fonts

As a growing need for website readability and usability good fonts are needed and demanded by designers and programmers. Monotype, a US based company whose core product is fonts made increased 16% revenue from that of its last year sales.

Companies are taking fonts as a great part in branding and this is a good time for graphic designer to enter and sell their creative fonts to the clients.

  • Instagram Highlights Covers

Social media is a big game for the business to show its work and its existence on social media can bring a lot of revenue for the business. On social media eye catching content is a big yes to attract customers.

In competition with Facebook Instagram has showed its worth and importance for the business. On Instagram people are more concern and pulled towards visual appreances. Make a dive right now to make creative, catchy, attractive Instagram highlights cover as this field is necessary yet hasn’t become so competitive.

How To Make Money Online In India

People love to communicate over social media in their chats also there is undying love for the visuals. People on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter loves to use emojis, stickers and emoticons.

Starting with twitter in 2015 when it first introduced us with its branded emojis many companies followed its footstep, precisely 250 and more. Companies like Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, and Chevrolet.

Brands are looking towards unique and witty emoticons for their marketing which will stand out from crowd and will make impression in public. As this trend will grow more and more in future and is also very popular in present a graphic designer can use his/her skills and make an entry to sell emojis, stickers, and emoticons to the companies and organizations.

Printable wall art

How To Make Money Online In India

Who doesn’t like a good decorated wall, global home decor market is growing steadily by 20% a year. Printfull, the drop shipping company says with hundreds and thousands of wall art sold by them every year posters are their second-best product that they sell within a year.

As people and companies are moving their space and renovation is happening decors like posters, canvases and stickers will all be best seller for any décor company. Digital era has make your work less burdensome and more effective as for now you can make what your customers ask from you and leave the printing part to them. This is the best hassle-free solution offered to the designer as well as to the customer

Printable party decorations

How To Make Money Online In India

In the generation of show offs on social media people are spending extensively on the party decorations be Birthdays, Anniversary or any other celebrations. Parents can spend $250 on their child birthday celebrations and for wedding pictures couple can spend upto$2000 to post it on social media.

You can make some extra cash with selling these decorations and also show your creativity and can easily express yourself.

  • GIFs

In the era of fast and quick communications people are using GIFs widespread. GIFs are the animated images which can tell stories or to express oneself.

Instagram made the GIFs big by introducing it and many brands started uploading custom GIFs to create and increase their brand awareness.

If you are interested in moving graphics or wants to try a hand at it, now it is the best time to do it as many brands and companies are looking forward to purchase original GIFs. By making GIFs you can earn revenue and also improve your skill or find a new skill to work on.

Premade 3D designs

How To Make Money Online In India

With the attention to big Hollywood movies, game design and big budget campaigns 3D design and animations have made it into the eyes of everyone. The 3D design give face to face effect, experts says that these realistic 3D graphics and animations will be continued and big in future.

Small business wants to use the trend but have to be economic in purchasing it. They may not go for customs design from scratch but will be willing to purchase ready-made content which can be further customize according to their needs.

So use this demand as your advantage and sell to small business the previous ones that you made for other client o business.

Ebooks and resume templates

How To Make Money Online In India

According to Statista, user for E-books is to hit 15.9% by 2024. With

 many still buying and reading the physical published books but many are    going for the convenience of E-books. This has become a huge trend in today’s time and will only grow in future.

You can write your own E-book on how to become a graphic designer step –by-step or may consider any topic of your choice because of the awareness of the eBooks they will sell no matter what if the content is good.

Take for e.g. – Etsy or Creative Market which are the online market places and we see e-books are high in demand. From selling e-books to also trying to selling pre-designed templates, which, many people look for nowadays Heard about comics, we all have read hundreds of them in our childhood and even some of them impress us as an adult also. Last month 1194 comics and 391 graphic novels were published. This makes us sure that people are ready to purchase these books and comics and are interested to see the creativity of this art.

But releasing a comic or graphic novel may also welcome some problems faced commonly by the publishers-cost of store, shipping to be paid by customers if ordered online by them or the cost of printing and keep their stock pile.

But the solution to it is Selling digital comics online, it will allow you to showcase your creativity and also not limitations have to be faced by you.

Freelance on Upwork

How To Make Money Online In India

Thought of trying some freelancing websites Upwork can be very useful for you. Upwork is the largest website for freelancing, providing hundred  of jobs for each skill set. You can easily sign up there and find your suitable work.

You can try part time freelancing and earn some extra with it.

Business branding

How To Make Money Online In India

Business branding is becoming quite popular now days and they do not have a designer in house to give them suggestions. They are always looking for designers who are talented.

Designing of logos, printing new business cards these are the fields where you can explore your opportunities and earn from them. And if the business attains new heights then people will also notice your work and will appreciate it.

Teach graphic design

How To Make Money Online In India

One more option to consider other than freelancing or selling products is to teach people your passion. There is a great boom in online teaching and learning, imagine learning a new skill set in comfort of your home and at the most comfortable time you want. Who doesn’t want that, people are going for online classes and you can take the opportunity for yourself.

Illustrate publications

How To Make Money Online In India

You can offer authors unique book cover ideas, due to free stock photos authors want designers to design them covers which are unique and different from other authors book so that their books can be differentiated.

You can work for magazines, comics, or even fictional characters and world maps. You can go to marketplaces like 99 design or behance.


How To Make Money Online In India

Most popular way to earn income is by selling merchandise. People do consider a one point of selling their merchandise. Now one can literally start an e-commerce store, upload print files, and design any products to sell:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Mugs
  • Tote Bags
  • Jackets
  • Tank tops
  • Leggings
  • Stickers
  • Accessories
  • Pillows

Wedding stationery

How To Make Money Online In India

As long as the wedding will happen, there will always be a demand for unique and different wedding invitations. People like to show off their creative sites and want to have a personalized touch for their invitations.

You can open a small store for wedding stationary and can run it side by side with your main job or business.

Start a monetized blog

How To Make Money Online In India

Blogging is the biggest hits of all time and the oldest way to generate the money. For that you need a platform, domain, and a theme.
For attracting good audience for your blog you have to make sure that you are regular and consistent. Consistency is the key for keeping the old following and bringing the new following.

Also make sure that you advertise your blog on popular social media so that more and more people can look into your blogs.

Write guest posts

How To Make Money Online In India

If you are into blogging or even thinking of it then you can also look for writing guest posts. There are paid guest posts all you have to do is find them and look for them, in that case Google can easily help you.

Create a YouTube channel

How To Make Money Online In India

If you can face the cameras easily you can go for creating your own YouTube channel. This platform will not only give you a huge platform to showcase your talent but also a chance to earn a good income and better exposure.

Things you can do on your channel:

  • Vlogging about your life as a graphic designer
  • Art supplies and tools reviews
  • Speed designing videos
  • Graphic design tutorials

Final words

The above mentioned five ways which I have discussed are the best ways to earn money online in India. If you are passionate about earning money online choose any of the fields of your interest and start following steps shared above to become pro in the field and earn thousands of dollars. The quickly you initiate the sooner you will reach to your goal.

These are best and simplest methods to earn money online. I do blogging to earn money online you can also choose area of your interest from the list suggested above and commence earning online.

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