Future of Digital Marketing Industry After Covid-19

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Be it education, business, shopping, entertainment; everything has become digitalised because of the pandemic. There were many businesses which were still not in the digitalised mode pre pandemic, especially in India. But due to the pandemic they were forced to adapt digitalisation. Digital marketing is not something  new that is emerged because of Covid but surely, it is something that has advanced to a greater extent.

You are not able to see any billboards on the streets or holding events as no one is getting out nowadays due to the pandemic. With not much time, everything has shifted to online mode. Many people are found online for a longer time. The chances of seeing ads on social media and interacting with the bloggers of content marketing have increased virtually. 

Covid has made digital marketing the growing industry and hence, we would talk about the future of the digital marketing in this article.

  • SEO demand: The social media managers and the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts will be in greater demand post Covid. Hence, companies should make SEO as an important strategy for marketing. SEOs will be of utmost importance as businesses will opt for top positions in the search engines, to produce a good sale.
  • Buying of essential goods: Due to Covid, more people are focusing on buying essential items rather than trivial commodities which marks the down arrow of the e-commerce industry. E-Commerce sites which are selling non-essential are continuously trending downwards.
  • Customer focused: Augmented and Virtual Reality is what has come up since Covid. People will start to adapt the new normal after the crisis is over, as it won’t be same as the old normal. The audience have been treated as prey instead of partners by the marketers for a very long time now. But, post Covid this will change to a goal of establishing a level of sincerity, trust and respect for their audiences as that would be the only thing that is going to motivate the audience to buy in and thereby, creating loyal customers. 
  • Social media usage: Brands are constantly using social media to build their connections rather than making sales thereby reminding their customers about their existence. For example, asking in newsletter how could you be of help other than this, any suggestions or complaints may work out a bit more efficiently. 
  • Adapting change: Companies who fail to evolve with this technological transformation will fall behind and their existence would be insignificant. Therefore, in order to survive the post Covid scenario, brands should now start building and keep up with the ongoing trend of showing kindness, concern and having empathetic nature.
  • Maintaining the unique features: Brands need to maintain their uniqueness while advertising on social media as to how this company ad would differ from the other competent ads. As the marketing would be digitalised leading to more competitors hence, they need to upgrade their techniques and uniqueness.

This pandemic has had a huge effect on the businesses, jobs and health, but it has paved way for digital marketing which can be considered as the new normal. 

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