Blogging can be considered a career in India?

Yes, Blogging is the main income source of almost 70% bloggers of India. I know few bloggers who make monthly Rs. 30k to 90k per month. And some of them is just started blog as a hobby and letter left their high paying job to do full-time blogging.

Many new bloggers who start a blog just to make money quickly quite blogging within 6 months of time. And those looser shares negativity about blogging on social media.

Don’t be Looser, Become a Winner !!!

If you want to start blogging to make money, then you have to be patient and constantly you have to add content to your blog for driving quality traffic.

Blogging as a Career.

When you want to start blog for making money then you have to consider your blog as a career and work for it long hours at the beginning time.

See How to Start Blog 

Once you have many visitors and followers on social media then find ways to make money out of it. If you expect to earn money when you have no followers and readers then it won’t work. You have to understand that if you want to make money then you need visitors on your blog.

Firstly focus on your blog for 6 months without expecting any money from blog. You should publish at least 100 blogs on your blog to make money.

Create your goals of making money from your blog and achieve it slowly. You can also make few goals for increasing blog readers and followers, keep them engaged on your blog.

How Much You Can Make Money from Your Blog?

You can make lot of money if you choose a niche for blog, if you choose right niche then you may earn lots of money as niche blog gets high rankings on search engines.

When I started blogging I was writing anything on my blog it was multi-niche blog, I would write about making money online and suddenly I would write about Jio recharge offers. Which is both different niches but still I was earning $10 dollar per day, because I was getting 3-4k readers on my blog daily.

Later I launched a Digital Marketing Blog and started earning money constantly trough google Adsense. If you start niche blog then you can get readers who want to read in that niche and they may click other blog posts before leaving your blog.

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