5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for your Website ?


 in this article i am covering  5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for your Website Do you know there are billions of queries searched on Google every day? Do you know that 85% of people research online before buying any products?  The way the world shops has changed dramatic…

The way the world shops has changed dramatically over the years and even more so as COVID-19 hit. Now more than a brick-mortar-store, a website is needed to conduct business. That means, no matter what you are dealing in, your potential customers are searching for it online.

Everyone is certainly catching up and moving online while employing the best marketing tactics to gain an edge. It is no surprise that almost every notable marketer would swear by SEO as it is the most prominent marketing tool to drive organic traffic.


5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for your Website

Long Term Results

You might have heard that SEO is a long term process and take months to work its magic. That is true! But, your fruits of labour will also be long term.

As a top digital marketing service, we understand that it may take 6-12 months to show any results, but if done correctly, it will yield you profits for years to come.  Key is, to not stop working on it even if it feels like it isn’t giving any results.

Cheaper than Paid Advertising-

It is established that organic traffic stays longer. If you rank highly on Google for your relevant keywords, traffic will be consistent even if you stop the process for a while. In contrast to paid advertising, if your funds dry out, your traffic will also drop.

Primary Source of Traffic is Organic Search-

According to BrightEdge , 53% of all website traffic constitutes organic traffic. Meaning, you can do paid advertising but, it still won’t bring you as much traffic as SEO does.

Your website will get more traffic from SEO than Social Media too. Therefore, if you properly optimise your website and perform off-page SEO regularly, then you will receive a better ROI than any other paid form of marketing.

SEO Increases Sales

With thorough and consistent SEO strategies, our high-quality SEO service will put your website on the map, which will impact the buying cycle. When your website organically ranks high, it also gains trust and credibility automatically.  Therefore, SEO will lead to an increase in lead conversion too.

SEO Increases Brand Awareness-

Every potential visitor has a long way before he converts into a customer. On average, it takes seven website visits before the conversion takes place. It’s a long process. But the very fact that he visited your website is a good sign. He may not buy it but, he will remember it. Being one of the top results on Google will bring you a lot of visitors and build your brand awareness which is beneficial for the long term.


SEO has several benefits for a website. It will produce great results and will push your business to phenomenal heights only if done methodically. When it comes to marketing strategies, SEO has a long lifespan and is the best investment you can make today.

If you are someone starting it for the first time, then remember, it is a long process and a continuous one. But it is so worth it.

5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for your Website

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